5 Myths About Lip Fillers


5 Myths About Lip Fillers

September 20, 2021

Although lip enhancement procedures are safe and non-invasive when performed by a certified professional, you may have heard some rumours about lip fillers that are making you hesitant about moving forward. Maybe you have heard that you will get "duck lips" or that the procedure cannot be reversed under any circumstances. This article will debunk the top 5 myths about lip fillers.

Lip Fillers Give You Big, Saggy, Duck Lips

As long as the lip enhancement procedure is done correctly using the right fillers in the right amount, it should improve the aesthetics of your lips rather than deform them. If the filler is injected too fast or in a higher dose than required, it can cause the lips to be puffy and almost transparent.

Lip Fillers Make Your Mouth Feel Stiff and Unnatural

Most people who are considering lip enhancement for the first time worry that the fillers may leave their lips feeling stiff and unnatural. Others worry that the fillers may distort their natural smile.

As mentioned above, if the right type of filler is administered in the correct amount and procedure, your lips should feel soft. They should feel firmer but not stiff. 

However, the lips may swell or bruise for a few days after the injection treatment. With proper post-care and by maintaining a low sodium diet, the swelling should resolve itself naturally.

Lip Enhancement Is a Simple Procedure That Can Be Done By Anyone

The success of a lip enhancement procedure is highly dependent on the experience and skill-level of your lip filler injector. For safety purposes, it should be done with FDA-approved fillers. Therefore, ensure that your aesthetician is certified and ask whether the filler they will be using is FDA-approved.

Lip Fillers Are Permanent

Lip fillers are semi-permanent. There are short term options as well as relatively long-term options that last for several years. 

A semi-permanent filler enables you to adjust the contouring, fill, and shape with time. Also, in case the lip filler procedure goes wrong or you change your mind and no longer want it, it can be reversed with enzymes that break down the hyaluronic acid.

Only Those With Thin Lips Should Get Lip Fillers

Indeed, most people who undergo lip enhancement have thin or small lips. However, the effectiveness of lip fillers goes beyond plumbing thin lips. Lip fillers improve the symmetry of your lips, contour them, and define the cupid’s bow. They also hydrate and moisturize dry lips. Furthermore, they can help to resolve lip asymmetry as a result of photo damage or smoking.

With that said, the protocol for using lip fillers on fuller lips is slightly different. The cosmetic injector has to consider the top to bottom lip ratio, lip symmetry, and shape. In most cases, a lesser amount of filler is used for fuller lips. Also, it may be administered in several visits. For example, one milliliter per visit and while allowing at least 2 weeks between visits.

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