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Celluma LED Therapy


A painless, non-invasive treatment with zero downtime. Celluma uses LED light therapy to support the cellular structures in your skin, joints, and muscles to address a number of concerns. Through easy, comfortable treatment sessions, our Celluma device can help:

  • Improve blood circulation

  • Address acne-causing bacteria

  • Decrease inflammation

  • Improve skin tone

  • Manage muscle and joint pain

  • Support tissue repair

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Unlike with other light therapy devices, the Celluma device is an all-in-one unit that you can use anywhere on your body for any of the benefits light therapy provides. The most common healing benefits of Celluma light therapy include: Anti-aging – Light therapy improves the clarity, texture and tone, as well as firmness, resilience and elasticity of your skin. It also reduces wrinkles and fine lines and increases elasticity and collagen production.

Acne treatment – As an acne treatment, light therapy gets right to the heart of the matter, killing acne bacteria to clear up breakouts, prevent new ones and restore the healthy appearance of your skin.

Managing pain – Light therapy increases circulation and decreases inflammation, which can help alleviate joint and muscle pain, spasms and stiffness, as well as symptoms of arthritis.

Healing wounds – Through many of the same methods by which it helps manage pain, eliminate acne and keep you looking and feeling young, light therapy also accelerates tissue repair from injuries.


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