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Lip Enhancement

what are lip enhancements?

The perfect lip enhancement looks full and natural. When done right, no one will know that you’ve visited an injector. They’ll just notice your full, beautiful lips!

My goal at LYFT Medical Aesthetics is to provide balanced, natural-looking lip augmentation. Whether you’re looking to correct uneven lips or add a little volume to thin lips, I’ll help you achieve your desired result.

No trout pout. No duck face. Just sexy, perfect lips.

how do they work?

Lip injections are a form of dermal filler and work the same way.

Lip fillers are made with Hyaluronic Acid (HA), a sugar that your body produces naturally. But as we age, our bodies produce less HA. Lip injections add plumpness by supplementing the naturally declining HA volume in your lips.

Additionally, hyaluronic acid is a humectant: it attracts and holds water. So, HA lip injections draw water to your lips. This contributes to the increase in volume and helps keep your lips moisturized.


preparing for your lip enhancement

Lip enhancement is a dermal filler for the lips. So, the same guidelines for preparation and recovery apply.

Medications that act as blood thinners, including Aspirin, can increase bruising from any cosmetic injections. They should be avoided prior to treatment. In the case of some prescription medications, this may be a serious concern. We will discuss what medications you’re using during the initial consultation.
Avoid cigarettes and alcohol for 48 hours prior to treatment.

Arrive with the treatment area washed and free of lipstick, lip balm or any other makeup.

the procedure itself

The duration of the process depends on the number of injections required. In general, lip enhancement only takes about 10 - 15 minutes.

My preferred lip filler products contain the numbing agent Lidocaine.

So overall, the whole process is quick and relatively painless.

Follow-Up Treatments

Lip enhancement is not permanent: your body will gradually and naturally absorb the HA filler. Results generally last about 6-12 months.

Follow-up treatments can be booked as the volume in your lips slowly decreases.


First 6 Hours:
Try to avoid touching your lips. Do not scratch or pick at the injection sites. You may apply an ice pack, very gently, to soothe mild discomfort and reduce swelling. For stronger pain relief I recommend Tylenol (acetaminophen).
After 6 hours:
You may apply lipstick or lip balm using only minimal pressure.
For 24 - 48 Hours:
Only gentle pressure on your lips while washing or applying makeup.

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