5 Benefits of Having a Lip Filler Treatment


5 Benefits of Having a Lip Filler Treatment

July 27, 2021

Lip enhancement treatments have been all the rage for some time now, with a lip procedure taking place roughly every 20 minutes in the United States. And while lip treatments are a great solution for aging lips that have lost their volume and definition over time, they are also extremely beneficial to those who weren’t born with that natural volume we all crave. In this article, we take a look at 5 benefits of this non-invasive treatment, and why you should book your appointment with Lyft Medical Aesthetics today.

Enhanced appearance

The first and most obvious benefit of having a lip filler treatment is, of course, the enhanced appearance of your lips. Lip fillers give an immediate fullness to your lips in a matter of minutes, giving you increased confidence in your everyday life.

Okanagan Skin Care Centre tells us more on how lip filler treatments enhance your appearance: 
“Patients who opt for lip fillers notice an immediate improvement in their appearance. This not only helps them feel more comfortable in their skin, but also boosts their self-confidence in social and professional situations.”

Gradual progression

Not looking for a drastic change all at once? Lip filler treatments can be given over a period of time, in order to produce your final, optimum result. This is beneficial not only to those who don’t want their lip injections to seem too obvious for others but also for those who were born with thin lips and aren't sure what their lips will look like as they get fuller. 

The procedure is quick and relatively painless

Depending on the number of injections required, your lip treatment will only take about 10-15 minutes, making this procedure easy to fit into your busy day. Plus, at Lyft Medical Aesthetics, we use lip filler products containing the numbing agent Lidocaine, making your procedure relatively painless.

Recovery is fast

Unlike invasive medical treatments, recovery when receiving lip filler treatments is fast. While you will have to avoid certain activities such as strenuous exercise and drinking alcohol for at least 24 hours after your procedure, recovery time shouldn’t exceed 48 hours. 

Bradford S. Patt, MD tells us more about recovering from your lip filler treatment:
“Most people who have lip fillers are able to resume all of the normal activities just one day after the procedure. Considering the significant impact fillers can have on a person's appearance, as well their self-esteem, there's good reason to consider it prior to other cosmetic surgery options.”

Low risk of side effects

Last but not least, lip filler treatments come at low risk of side effects. Of course, your Certified Cosmetic Injector will always discuss with you any medications you are taking to avoid any possible adverse reactions to your lip filler treatment. However, this is very rare.

DermaClinic explains why lip filler treatments come with such a low risk of side effects:
“Dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid, which is a substance that your body produces naturally. So, your body is unlikely to reject it or react adversely to it. This is why the risk of side effects with lip injectables is really low.”

I’m Ashley Mills, a Registered Practical Nurse & Certified Cosmetic Injector. I started LYFT Medical Aesthetics in Collingwood, ON to help make injectable cosmetic treatments accessible to a wider audience. Contact us to book your free consultation today!