What Not to Do After Lip Injections


What Not to Do After Lip Injections

July 29, 2023

Congratulations on enhancing your lips with fabulous lip injections! Your pout is now ready to make a statement and turn heads. But before you pucker up for that perfect Instagram selfie, let's talk about post-treatment care. Ensuring your lips remain plump and beautiful requires a few dos and don'ts. 

In this blog post, we'll explore what not to do after lip injections, helping you maintain your perfect pout.

Avoid Over-inspection: Trust the Process

Of course, you're excited about your enhanced lips! But don't go overboard with mirror-checking. Patience is essential as your lips settle into their new shape. 

So, try to avoid overanalyzing every change and let your lip injections work their magic. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day, and your perfect pout will reveal itself in due time.

Chill Out: Avoid Heat

While saunas and steam rooms are incredibly relaxing, you’ll need to hold off on the heat for a few days post-injections. This is because excessive heat can lead to increased swelling and discomfort. 

Instead, opt for cooler activities, like a refreshing walk in the park or a gentle yoga session. Your lips will thank you for the cool downtime!

Kissing Caution: Pucker Up Later

Your lips are looking more alluring than ever, but you’ll want to hold off on any lip-locked adventures for a couple of days. Your lips need time to heal, and this will help avoid any potential discomfort or irritation. 

And let's not forget about those trusty straws. As much as they might be your go-to for sipping, they can put undue pressure on your delicate lips. It's time to bid farewell to straws and sip directly from cups or bottles until your lips are ready for more fun.

Careful with the Lip Products: Let Your Lips Breathe

As much as you might be eager to flaunt your new pout with your favourite lip gloss or lipstick, it’s a good idea to take a break from lip products for at least 6 hours after the procedure. This will allow your lips to breathe, and help them recover naturally. 

For now, embrace your natural beauty, and when the time is right, your lip products will have a new canvas to work their magic on.

Easy Does It: Light Activities Only

As tempting as it might be to show off your fabulous lips at the gym, it's best to take it easy for the first day or two after lip injections. It may not seem like it, but intense workouts can cause unnecessary strain on your lips and affect the healing process. 

Instead, opt for light exercises like gentle stretching or leisurely walks until your lips are fully recovered.

Rock Your Perfect Pout!

With these tips on what not to do after lip injections, you're all set to rock your perfect pout. Just remember to embrace the process, avoid heat and kissing, keep your hands off those luscious lips, and let your lips breathe naturally. 

Follow these guidelines, and you'll maintain your stunning results, leaving everyone mesmerized by your fabulous, enhanced smile. Enjoy!

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