Lip Filler Aftercare: A Guide


Lip Filler Aftercare: A Guide

December 16, 2022

Lip filler is a great way to get the beautiful lips that you've always wanted without having to get any kind of surgery. But if you want to get the most out of your filler, you'll need to take care of your lips properly after the procedure. 

So, in this blog post, we'll give you some tips on lip filler aftercare to keep your lips looking and feeling their best for months to come. Follow these tips and you'll be on your way to gorgeous, healthy lips!

Avoid Massaging Your Lips

First, you should avoid massaging your lips for at least one week after the procedure. Massaging can cause the filler to move out of place, which can lead to a less than desirable look or even lumps. And lumpy lips are not the look we're going for!

Keep Your Lips Clean

While practicing good hygiene is always important, it's especially critical after receiving lip filler. So, keep your lips clean by gently washing them with a mild soap and warm water. This will help to keep any bacteria from entering the area and causing infections.

Avoid Direct Sun Exposure

Don't plan on spending your days out in the sun anytime soon! You should also avoid direct sun exposure for the first 48 hours after the procedure. This is because sunlight can cause the filler to break down much faster, leading to your lips losing their beautiful shape and volume more quickly. 

However, if you do have to go outside for some reason, make sure to wear a generous amount of sunscreen with at least an SPF 30.

Stay Hydrated

Being well-hydrated is important for a number of reasons, including lip filler aftercare. So, make sure that you're drinking plenty of water throughout the day to keep your lips hydrated and healthy. This will help to promote healing and keep the filler looking its best.

This also means avoiding anything that can dehydrate you, such as alcohol or caffeine. If you can't resist that morning cup of coffee though, at least make sure you drink plenty of water afterwards.

Be Gentle With Your Lips

While you may be tempted to pick at your lips or pull on them, it's important to resist the urge. Doing so can cause the filler to move out of place and lead to bumps or other irregularities. 

So, be gentle with your lips and avoid activities that could cause trauma or injury to the area. This includes things like lip biting, overexerting yourself, and even rubbing with a towel.

Follow All Instructions From Your Injector

Finally, it's important to follow all instructions from your injector regarding lip filler aftercare. Your injector will be able to give you specific advice about what to do and what to avoid in order to get the best results from your lip filler, so be sure to listen closely.

The Bottom Line

Following these tips for lip filler aftercare will ensure that you have beautiful, healthy lips for months to come. So, make sure that you avoid massaging your lips, keep them clean, avoid direct sun exposure, stay hydrated, be gentle with your lips, and follow all instructions from your injector. With these tips in mind, you're sure to have beautiful lips that you'll be proud to show off!

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